Full Reviews of Fast Track To Fat Loss Program by Kim Lyons

Okay, before we get any further, I’d just like to say that when the Fast Track to Fat Loss first came out, many were skeptical. If you’ve ever tried dieting in the past you probably know that losing weight fast AND permanently isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. After digging in though, we can actually say that the program by Lyons actually does work … and works well. But of course, like anything in this world, it’s not perfect. In this Fast Track to Fat loss review we’ll cover the pros and cons as well as give an overview of the program so that you can decide if it’s right for you.

Fast Track to Fat Loss

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The Fast Track to Fat Loss product was invented by Chad Tackett, who is the CEO of Global Health & Fitness, and Biggest Loser physical trainer Kim Lyons. The product is comprised of a diet plan along with recipes, different exercises, weight loss articles, testimonials, access to the Fast Track to Fat Loss forum community, and guidance from a personal trainer. However, the type of membership people select will also dictate whether or not they’ll have their own physical trainer to guide them.

There are two different memberships: the Gold and the Silver membership.

The Silver membership is free of charge and includes fat loss recipes, weight loss exercises, weight loss articles, helpful tips, and access to the online Fast Track to Fat Loss community.

The Gold membership on the other hand starts with a $1 per day, seven day trial. After the end of the seven day trial, people may cancel the membership or pay a one time fee of $97 for the first month, and $27 a month thereafter for the Gold membership. The Gold membership includes a personal trainer, a tailored workout plan, and a specific tailored meal and diet plan. Click here to learn more about this package.

In terms of other free features that are included with the product, there are workout videos, daily challenges, live weekly chats with Chad and Kim, tips for recipe makeovers, and even a chance to win a trip to Mexico. As part of the site, users are also able to set up a daily workout challenge for themselves which will prompt them each day to accomplish. Aside from daily challenges, there is also a useful weight loss DVD video. In the DVD, there is a program routine known as 5 Simple Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss. This instructional DVD teaches people about the major components of weight loss which include: counting calories, choosing healthy carbohydrates, choosing lean, healthy proteins, planning meals at the appropriate times, and staying properly hydrated.

The program exercises help to motivate people to work out to lose weight and get in shape. People are able to choose whatever exercises they wish to do; however, with the Gold membership, depending on the individual’s specific weight loss goals, their trainer will adjust a tailor-made exercise program developed just for them to target areas that need to be toned and exercised. As part of the exercise goals, there are also 30-day video weight loss contests in which contestants create a before-and-after weight loss video. Prizes can range from exercise machines to an all expenses paid trip to Mexico. However, these contests are reserved for those with a Gold membership.

In terms of features that are available for Silver and Gold memberships, there are many. Along with the exercise videos and articles, there are also formatted printable exercise instructions for easy viewing. A neat feature known as recipe makeovers allows people to donate $1 to receive a healthy alternative twist on their favorite meals that could include: pizza, French fries, hamburgers, desserts, or more. There are also many regular weight loss updates and articles to help answer any questions that people might have, or to give them helpful tips.

In conclusion, The Fast Track to Fat Loss is a solid weight loss program that is modernized. This weight loss program takes advantage of the Internet and online communities to give members weight loss exercises, recipes, tips, the ability to chat with live trainers, and the option of having their very own trainer. While the Silver Membership may not offer a personally adjusted meal plan and exercise regimen, members still have access to many of the same features that the Gold members do. However, many people might benefit from signing up for the Gold membership so they can have a meal plan and exercises that are developed specifically for them by their assigned trainer to help them with their own unique weight loss.

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